God has no problems, only plans.
-Corrie Ten Boom


Father, help me to remember that even when I feel problems surround me on every side, that they are not problems to You. 

You plan to take the things that I see as problems and use them for Your glory. 

Remind me that You only have plans and that You have everything covered and that You will work out everything – in Your own perfect way. For Your glory.

Even when all is not well from my limited human perspective, I know it all really is always well because You are working out all of the details of my life with purpose, intention, and care.  

Nothing happens which You are unaware of.  Everything happens according to Your plan.

When I am taken by surprise, You are not caught off guard.

When I feel like things are out of control, You are still in control.

When I feel like life is a broken, crazy, complicated mess, You see the bigger picture and You see the beautiful things You are bringing out of the mess.

When it feels like the story of my life has endless dark chapters, You remind me that You have the ultimate perfect ending in store – eternity with You!