5 minute friday

Linking up with Lisa-Jo and the great group that participates in Five Minute Friday.  The main rule is to write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking – on the topic that Lisa-Jo posts about each week.

This week’s topic is: Home

I love the little place God’s blessed me to be able to call home for over the last decade.  I never imagined when I bought it then, that I’d still be living here all these years later.  And I never imagined that my life would look like it does all these years later.

My home has been such a refuge – a place where precious memories have been made, and a place where precious memories are scattered across the walls and bookshelves.  I love that friends have always said my house is peaceful…and interesting!

When a dear friend brought one of her daughters to visit me when I got home from a hospital stay, her daughter ran around from picture to picture, art piece to art piece, and memento to memento, asking me for the stories behind all of them.  It made me smile because my home, to me, is a reflection of the other places that my heart is at home – places scattered across the country and the world.

Right now, though, my home feels as chaotic as the rest of my life does.  Not being able to be up much, lift, move, or carry anything means little gets done, and that drives me crazy – especially since I can’t really go out and see people, which means the only way I see anyone is if they come here.  I’ve had to learn to welcome people in anyway, into the realness of the current state of my existence.  Yet I know that I need to cherish the memories I’m able to make in the weeks ahead, because I’m going to need to have a new home soon.  So much about this one is no longer practical with my life being what it has been this past year.

And then I’m reminded that really, even though I’ve called this home for well over a decade, and even though there are a few other places where my heart feels at home, that ultimately, this is all temporary.  My real home is Heaven, and oh how I look forward to the day that I get to be Home-home!