5 minute friday

Linking up with Lisa-Jo and the great group that participates in Five Minute Friday. The main rule is to write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking – on the topic that Lisa-Jo posts about each week.

This week’s topic is: Remember

This past week, while in the hospital, and the last couple of days now that I’ve been (at least temporarily) home, I have found myself remembering where I was a year ago.

Last year I had the chance to go back to my ‘other’ home in Chicagoland.  A former co-worker, who is also one of my very dear friends, and I went to a work/ministry related conference on reaching the mission field that God’s brought to our doorstep.  The conference was great!  But what was even more great was the sacred time God allowed us together while on the trip.

It was time that was spent on holy ground, really.  We spent about twenty hours a day talking and praying.  One of us would share something or talk about something ministry related or whatever and it would end up leading to precious times of prayer about whatever had just been talked about.  And so it went, back and forth, for nearly the duration of our time in Chicago.  On planes, in restaurants, at the hotel, in the car, at the conference, and all around my old stomping grounds.

The trip looked nothing like either of us expected it to, and it was one of those precious bits of time in life you know you’ll never fully be able to explain to anyone else, nor that you’ll ever be able to forget.

As I dropped my friend at the airport and she flew home to get back to her husband and kids, and I stayed an additional couple of days to spend time with good college friends still in the area, we puzzled over what we’d ever say about the time out there and at the conference other than ‘it was great.’  What an understatement!

Thinking back and remembering that now, it seems even more surreal.

She’s since left our workplace because her family moved to the other coast.  And as of ten days ago, I left, not by choice, because of my health.  After the season we spent serving side by side and praying together faithfully, and watching God at work in incredible ways, it’s hard to believe where He’s taken us both now.

Although my health was in question even then, I remember how normal I felt while out there.

I remember what it was like to be independent and getting to show a friend a place I loved and knew so well – a place that has been so significant in my story.

I remember what it was like to be working at a job and serving in a ministry I loved.

I remember the invigorating feeling of using the gifts God has given me and knowing He had me in a place He’d wired me to be in.

I remember both recounting stories from a previous season of life there that I’ve shared with a very limited number of people, and realizing, as we talked and prayed during our time there, that God had given me back the very thing I’d lost fifteen years ago.

I remember what it was like to be on the front lines of what God was doing and the gift of getting to see Him so clearly at work.

I remember the blessing of getting to see Him answer prayer after prayer as we would make bringing things to God, seeking His will, and listening for His leading a priority in the place He had us in ministry.

I remember what it was like to feel so alive.