My health has usurped all my writing time the last few days and I’ve needed to deal with some things, so I’m sorry for not getting back to comments yet.  Hopefully tomorrow things will be calmer and I’ll be able to get to that and get caught up – and get back around to those of you I’ve been visiting on this A-Z Challenge also.

I saw this video posted a few weeks ago via the Cleveland Clinic, a place I know several people have sought treatment. While it’s looking at things through the eyes of what other people might be thinking in a medical context, and challenging people to step into the shoes of another, it’s really a great principle for life.

I love that they are challenging people to be empathetic, to realize that every person walking past them may be facing tremendous battles they are unaware of, or rejoicing in victories that they have no one else to share those triumphs with – but emphasizing looking beyond what we may see or read into based on an outward first impression.

It’s a powerful video well worth the four minute length.