When I was out at Mayo several times this past year, I appreciated some of the artwork scattered throughout their Scottsdale campus.  All of it was made by doctors, nurses, staff, or others with a tie to the Mayo facilities, which I thought was very special.

The very first thing I saw when walking into the building, my very first day there, just made me smile.



I’ve already blogged a bit about the significance that word has had in my life.  It was particularly neat that it was the very first thing to capture my attention as we walked into Mayo.  Just as much, though, it incorporates my love of other languages and cultures – and, ironically, just a few months prior I had made a similar piece for my dad’s office with his favorite word, grace!

There were some extremely detailed textile art pieces that the textile artist in me also appreciated. This was a three-part piece made to celebrate Mayo’s 20th anniversary of their Scottsdale campus facilities and it’s remained up on display since.

The Scottsdale Mayo Hospital Building
mayo art quilt more 2

The Scottsdale Mayo Clinic Shea Campus
mayo art quilt more

Scottsdale Mayo scenery and symbols (the Scrabble pieces just made me smile!)

mayo art quilt centerscrabble tiles from mayo quilt

There were some interesting mixed media pieces, as well.
mayo mixed media

It’s probably really evident I’m a textile artist – I mostly photographed the textile pieces.  Though you’d think given how much time I spent there I’d have made a little more effort to get some of the others!

Batiks with metallic thread and beadwork.
mayo textile quilt still moremayo textile quilt up closemayo textile quilt