There are a few local places I love to escape to in order to wander, pray, write, or photograph.

I spent my birthday at one such place, Quail Botanical Gardens.  Technically it’s now San Diego Botanical Gardens, but none of the locals who have grown up with it call it that!

Before going, I looked to see what was on their “What’s in Bloom” list – and I saw this gorgeous blue beauty. I love this particular colour, and I spent my five or so hours meandering around the grounds, determined to find this stunning plant.

I’ll spare you the many hundreds of other things I photographed and just share this unique treasure, interestingly, a member of the pineapple family!

DSCN1454 DSCN1455  DSCN1462DSCN1459

It is called a Sapphire Tower – a splendid name for a spectacular plant.

DSCN1466 DSCN1467 DSCN1480 DSCN1484 DSCN1485