I’ve mentioned my love of textile artwork or textile art pieces in a number of other posts, but decided I’d share a little glimpse into a couple of things I’ve made.

Someday I’ll pull out some of my even bigger ones – a life size Last Supper and Easter and Christmas series pieces and try to get better photos of them.  The problem with working on a large scale is that they can be really hard to photograph well!

This is a small wall-hanging with eucalyptus leaves, symbolic for the recipient.

Hand-dyed silks – machine quilted (for those who also like textiles/quilting/etc. and like details).

my EVS piece

These are a series of pieces based on Moroccan tile mosaics at the Hassan II mosque in Casablanca. They’re made out of velvets.

my mosaics my mosaics 4 my mosaics 3 my mosaics 2

This is actually before I did the machine quilting on the mosaics, as now that they are framed and up they’re not where I have light that’s quite as good. I actually have created them for something specific, but until I get a few more finished, they’re hanging in my home!

One of my nativity pieces made for a local church.  It’s also made out of velvets.
large nativity

(Trying to avoid getting too much wall, but also having me stand by it so you can see size, the edges are chopped off, but…you get the idea.  It’s pretty big.)

I also do regular quilts, non-traditional quilts, rag quilts for friends, cancer kiddos and their siblings, and adopted kiddos and their siblings, and all sorts of other textile pieces with varying fabrics and textures.

My bigger pieces usually end up stemming from a middle of the night hair-brained idea – which typically lead to more sleepless nights as I stay up and work! God seems to give me ideas for pieces with timetables on them…like “here’s a series of four pieces” and then whatever it’s for ends up being something like two weeks away!