I first learned of F.B. Meyer’s work while at university and have appreciated that some of his work is available now online at Christian Classics Ethereal Library as he tends to be a much lesser known and much less frequently read preacher from the mid-late 1800’s.

One of the things from Meyer that I’ve been impacted by repeatedly over the years is this little piece entitled Unchanging Saviour.

It implies that He is God…What He was, He is.

When we are slow to believe, He is slower still to anger.

When we cannot bear more, He shades the light.

When we strive for high places, He rebukes.

When soiled, He washes our feet.

When in peril, He comes across the yeasty waves to our help.

When weary, He leads us aside to rest.

I can never again be alone, never grope in the dark for a hand, never be forsaken or forlorn…I have Him, who suffices for uncounted myriads in the dateless noon of eternity. He who was everything in the yesterday of the past, and who will be everything in the tomorrow of the future, is mine today; and at each present moment of my existence-here, and in all worlds.

“The Unchanging Saviour,” Way Into the Holiest, F.B. Meyer