I really wasn’t sure if I’d make it through the A-Z Challenge this year.  I had pre-written a number of the posts, and then tried to write ahead if I had a good day, knowing that my health wasn’t allowing me to assume that I would be able to write daily, let alone visit other blogs and reply to comments here.

A friend came by today to take me out to lunch to “Celebrate Z” as we have decided we will now refer to birthdays.  She said earlier this month she wasn’t so sure I was going to make it to Z.  Some days, I wasn’t so sure I would either. But hooray for proving both of us wrong!

Hopefully this time next year I’ll have an A-Z that revolves more around life outside these four little walls.  I appreciate the encouragement and prayers and kindness so many have extended on the posts that have been about my current reality and not as much about fun topics.

It was so much more fun doing this in community as it was intended to be done.  Doing it just with one other friend, on private blogs last year, I missed out on the best part of this – connecting with others!

From people in other countries who share glimpses of their lives, to fellow artists who work in a range of mediums (metal, paint, fabric, textiles, traditional and non-traditional quilting, jewelry making, etc.), to others who share a love of NASCAR, crafting, and Jesus – all three (you don’t find that combination often!), to bloggers who highlighted their cities (including the one with whom I found we share not only a town, but many, many other things in common!), those who blogged about their faith journeys, and just about everything in between.

I met so many great bloggers as a result of it, and have found so many blogs I look forward to continue following even though this month is over.  And my ‘to read’ book list grew considerably too.

It’s been a great month!

I appreciate everyone who’s stopped by and hope you’ll continuing to visit even though this month is over.

And really, thank you so much to those of you who have prayed for, commented, emailed, or in some other way taken time and gone out of your way to encourage me.  In the midst of a hard month, it’s been things some of you have said or done that have brightened my days.  Thank you!