The last few days have been such that I’ve been needing to remind myself of glimpses of ways God’s provided little gifts of grace amidst all the not-so-fun stuff.

  • An old ministry partner that I’d not seen but once in the last year texted me out of the blue and asked if she could pick me up so we could catch up and have bite to eat.  It was a sweet nearly five hours of hearing what God’s been up to in her life and dreaming aloud.
  • Getting to spend time with a friend from work – the first time in months I’ve seen any of them except for the couple I saw for a few minutes when I visited a few weeks ago.  We’ve been wanting to get together for months, and the timing ended up being great after some really lousy days prior to it.  I had something to look forward to and a morning full of smiles.
  • I’m humbled and excited to get to have some pieces that will be posted in some other places in the weeks and months to come.  One coming very soon, which is kind of fun!
  • Sonic lemon-berry slushes.  Does more need to be said?!  Sonic is a newer thing for us out here – and the only one anywhere near me is really not very near…so it’s only when I see a particular doctor that I ever really get the chance to get that or limeade with peach – fun diversions from water, water, water or a periodic glass of tea!  Actually, I guess I should thank going to Mayo for getting me to finally try drinks at Sonic since they have a bunch and several people had told me about them, with their ‘rabbit-pellet ice,’ for years and couldn’t believe I’d never been there.
  • My other home health nurse who deals with my DVT/coumadin side of things was super sweet and went out of her way to come here on a Sunday in order to work around all my appointments today and got authorization to draw my labs a day early (which came back horribly, but that’s another issue!) and then resubmit for authorization to continue the visits.
  • Nurse Sassy had family here for her birthday and so I’ve had different nurses the last couple of times.  The one I had today said my name seemed familiar, and when she told me her full name, her name was familiar to me, as well.  We realized we lived in the same small neighborhood for about ten years.  Her oldest daughter graduated with my brother, and her younger kids were at the small school I had taught at over the same time I was there.  We know many, many people in common and just have many oddly overlapping things in our lives.  She just lost her husband a few weeks ago and I had been praying for her, as I’d heard that from others – but now I’ve realized some of the same people asking prayer for a particular woman who just lost her husband were also meaning her.  And as a blessing to me, it’s nice to know that when Sassy has her baby, I’ve got another nurse who’s going to angle to get me on her schedule regularly during that time.
  • Emails from sweet friends I’ve met because of blogging 🙂  People I feel so blessed to have gotten to know because of this venue – who I am privileged to get to pray for and who I am grateful to know pray for me, too.
  • A dear friend who called today just to share answers to prayer.  I love that!