If you missed last night’s post, you may want to read it first as this ended up being an unexpected follow-up.

This morning while waiting for my nurse to come, I heard an additional segment of the new Oreo commercial that I previously reflected on.

The new segment is just a typical 30-second commercial spot, but it even more overtly presents a message of the ripple effect our actions can have on another.

It’s rare to find a commercial with much value, let alone one that allows for deeper – even spiritual – implications to be drawn from the words.

I wonder if anyone would have thought that a cookie commercial could challenge our way of thinking or living and encourage people to realize that even the smallest gestures can make a difference?

I wonder if having this little jingle stuck in the heads of those who hear it will change how they live, act, or even react in any given situation?

Wonder if I gave an Oreo
To somebody out there who I didn’t know
Would they laugh after I’d gone?
Or would they pass that wonder on?
I wonder how it’d change your point of view
If I gave one to you?