landcruiser stuck

The roads made an instant impression on me when I first arrived in Africa.

From cars driving at night without headlights on the way home from the airport in Nairobi, to helplessly passing by accident scenes after learning that stopping to offer assistance would often lead to accepting culpability for an event you may not have even been in the vicinity of, to experiencing what happens when your vehicle breaks down at dusk in a volatile area where pre-election violence had become the norm, it’s little surprise that many of my first journal entries include something road related.

flying to TZHowever, it was when flying down to the village in Tanzania that I realized the adventures involving roads had only just begun in Kenya.

As the pilot pointed out the ‘road,’ he explained that was the good portion, that the rest was far iffier and difficult to characterize as any sort of road.

The lessons God brought to mind as I reflected on those African roads both challenged and encouraged me, and are just as relevant to my life today as they were back then.

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