I’m a single 30-something who loves Jesus, is passionate about prayer, and who hordes airline miles to allow for my often unconventional, incredibly complex, and last-minute trips to the far corners of the world!

Undeniably an introvert, I can’t imagine life without my closest friends. God uses them to enrich my life and deepen my relationship with Him.

After spending my days working in full-time ministry – something that was a great mix of my years teaching and counseling, as well as my love of writing – God now has me on a new journey.  Having made me “wonderfully complex,” God recently brought me to a place of having to put my life on hold to allow my medical needs to be prioritized and addressed. (Psalm 139:14 NLT)

I’m grateful that the things that I see as problems aren’t problems to God, but are really just part of His plan for me – and I know that He’s got things covered and will work things out for His glory.   And all shall be well!


14 thoughts on “About”

  1. Your writing is absolutely beautiful and captivating! I could stay here reading all day! I love your spirit and complete trust in our Maker! So many things we have in common, just in different ways. Thank you for stopping by my blog and allowing me to breath in the fresh air of yours!!!!
    Love Mary

    • Mary, I never thanked you over here, I think I just did in the comments on another of your Ivy updates! I’m so bummed that after doing a bunch of a trips (and stays out in your neck of the woods because of my own health stuff) that I didn’t discover you blog until what looks like it’s post-all my Mayo trips! I’d love to get to meet you guys in person! For now I’ll just pray and support you guys from your neighboring sunny state! But if I head back out there I’m going to email you (or if you guys come to SoCal you should do the same!)

      Your comment actually was the encouragement I needed to start trying to be more intentional about spending some time blogging again. I’m still dealing with a lot of health issues, so I can’t promise it’ll be as consistent as I’d like, but, I’m intending to show up as often God allows at least! So thanks for your sweet encouragement!

      Praying for your sweet family! So great to see the pictures of you guys back together under one roof (especially your little dynamic duo being reunited!) and so neat to see all the lives God is using Ivy’s story, and your faithfulness of blogging through your journey, to touch!

  2. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog and for the prayers… I covet them greatly.

    • Absolutely, Rebecca! I’m trying to be better about not just reading and praying, but actually commenting and telling people I’m praying! Thanks for making the effort to pop by over here, too! I’m trying to be more intentional about blogging after a bit of a hiatus – so maybe you’ll hear from me not just in your comments but here, too! 🙂

  3. Thank you so much Leese for stopping by my blog! Yes, we are adopting the sweet girl we hosted this winter. Had to change her name on the blog post as I now have a huge following in Latvia and I must be very careful about what we say. Thank you so much for your prayers. We love Miranda Hope so much and cannot wait to make her our daughter.

    We are able to stay in contact with her and she has begged us from the moment she arrived back in Latvia to come and get her and bring her back to America forever. We are moving very quickly to make that happen as fast as God will allow.

    Blessings to you,
    Alicia from Joy in the Everyday

    • Oh yay!!! I’m so glad I had kept your blog in my google reader – like I said I’d been following your regular updates since and still praying for Miranda. I’m so happy to hear about the ‘happy ending’ that’s going to come as a result of your hosting her!! I totally understand about needing to be careful what you say – but thanks for letting me know so I can pray for her knowing it’s “her” in your posts, too! I’m so excited for your family!

      And I’m so glad you’ve been able to stay in touch. It seems like that’s been the case with many of you adopting older host kids from Latvia this go-round, which is awesome!

      I’m serious about what I said about standing with you guys in prayer. I can’t do much else at the moment – but that I can and will continue to do!

      Oh this just made my day to read and I can’t wait to see God continue to be at work and show Himself faithful!

  4. HI, thank you for stopping by to my blog today and leaving your sweet comment! I love your blog, and your writings are very deep and soulful and encouraging! I am glad I found your little corner of the web, it’s blessed me so!

  5. Hey Leesa
    My name is Karmen. I found you at mercyInk..and thoughtit wouldn’t hurt to ask…would you be willing to share a few more details with me about your friend who is advocating for the girl who needs a home? We are waiting on our “NOW” to adopt. We’ve started the process twice and God has realigned our circumstance to “wait” Thanks for your consideration. Feel free to read more about me and my heart at http://www.blessingsbeyondthebarnyard.com

  6. You won the book over at about proximity! Could you email me your address? lisavanengen@gmail.com

    Thanks for sharing your story. God has no problems, only plans. I love that very much.

  7. Looking forward to reading this journey.

    • Love you, my friend!

      The ‘spy’ spammed your comment – I had to come rescue it! ha! 😉 To be totally honest, my login actually involves her name, so technically it says it was un-spammed by _ _ _ _ _ _ – which is just funny. I knew you’d get a laugh out of it after all the things that poor cat takes the blame for!

      Actually, it’s weird, it never had sent any comments to spam, and then it did five in a few days and I hadn’t looked there. Most all were from the same person (even more oddly it let her later comments through, but then one from you!

  8. Leese, thank you for your comments…and for letting me get to know you. Wow! I had no idea of your prayers. How cool to finally ‘meet’ you. Thanks for sharing advice from your own experiences. That is meaningful. Blessings to you dear one who has quietly upheld us in prayer. You are treasured. If you have a minute, e-mail me to tell me more about your life. I would love to connect.

    • Sorry it’s taken me so long to finally comment to you and TELL you I was praying! God convicted me when I ended up in the hospital the first time that I needed to start being better about telling those of you with adoption blogs that I’d been following and praying for that I WAS praying – and I’ve gotten better about doing it, but then things get crazy and I get back into just reading and praying. Yours was one I’d just never commented on once I went back to blogging publicly so they’re all under anonymous or my old private blog name. Ha!

      I will email you – probably midweek. I’ve got a bunch of appointments these first couple of days, but then I should be able to ‘breathe’ a bit more. So neat that Bernie was able to stand and greet you yesterday! And Geri’s comment still has me smiling when I think about it! What tremendous progress that bit is! Praying, praying!

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